Fábrica de Caricaturas - Nelson Paim
Fábrica de Caricaturas
Angola gots talent. Check out Nelson Paim’s Cartoon Factory.
KFC, Kentucky Fried Chicken in Luanda, Welcome to Angola
KFC in Luanda
KFC is in Luanda. Visit us!
Zen It Opening Party
Inauguração Zen It, Talatona, Luanda. Welcome to Angola     Inauguração Zen It, Talatona, Luanda. Welcome to Angola

Welcome to Angola was at the opening party of Zen It in February 2015. Zen It, more than a restaurante, is a sophisticated and intimate space, where you can enjoy a unique atmosphere in Talatona, an escape of the busy city environment.

This place reveals the fusion of materials, of light and landscape to create the ambient. The food if from the world, with the refinement and originality of modern trends and a pinch of Angola.
Being Zen is being calm, relaxed, well with yourself and with life.

Zen It Restaurant Esplanade Lounge, Condominium Zenith Towers, Via AL16, Talatona, Luanda, Angola. Open from 7h30am to 11pm, for breakfast, lunch and light snacks.