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Welcome to Angola Formula Ford
Welcome to Angola apoia piloto Angolano Paulo Sá Silva em Fórmula Ford Welcome to Angola apoia piloto Angolano Paulo Sá Silva em Fórmula Ford

Welcome to Angola proudly supports as media partner the Angolan Formula Ford driver, Paulo Sá Silva.

Paulo's 2014 calendar is as below:
  • 12/13 April - Braga VIDEO
  • 21/22 June - Vila Real
  • 19/20 July - Portimão VÍDEO
  • 4/5 October - Estoril VIDEO
  • 29/30 November - Estoril

Although he drove another car due to a major malfunction of his car, Paulo Sá Silva run the races in Braga and finished in 8th position in the first race and 5th in the second among 22 drivers. Congrats Paulo!

Paulo Sá Silva's debut in Vila Real, one of the most emblematic circuits of the automotive history in Portugal, ended behind the expectations. Although he had a good adaptation to this circuit, Paulo suffered touches on both races, ending without scoring for the Single Seater Series.

Paulo Sá Silva finished Portimão circuit in 4th place, with 10.542s. Congrats Paulo! Tiago Raposo de Magalhães won this race, foloowed by Gonçalo Inácio and Gonçalo Jordão.

Paulo Sá Silva interrupted his participation at the Formula Ford Portuguese Championship to attend the 3rd Edition of the International Grand Prize Zé Dú, in Luanda, scoring race for the Angolan Speed Championship and part of the celebration of the 72nd anniversary of the President José Eduardo dos Santos, that was held on the 2nd and 3rd of August 2014.

Paulo started well with a strong pace but the hot track and the option of a set of tires, forced Sá Silva to go to the box to change a flat tire, giving up the fight for the 3rd place and finishing without scoring. Better luck for the next one, Paulo!

On the weekedn of 4th and 5th of October at Estoril, Paulo Sá Silva was 20 thousandsth seconds away from the podium! Our Angolan pilot was literally 1m behind the podium of the Single Seater Series, after an exciting battle for the 3rd place with Diogo Lopes. But the 4th place its a cause for great joy! Congrats Paulo!

  On the 29th and 30th of November Paulo Sá Silva reached the 3rd position in the podium of the Single Seat Series! Great proud to all Angolans. Congratulations Paulo!