Mundo dos Vinhos, Luanda. Welcome to Angola!
Mundo dos Vinhos
The best wines and the best spirits of the world arrived in Angola.
Inter Rent Angola. Rent a Car. Welcome to Angola!
Inter Rent Angola
Inter Rent Angola, car rental with or without driver. Learm +
Useful Information
Banks: 8am - 3pm

Trade: 8am – 12.30pm / 2pm – 6pm from Monday to Friday, Saturdays 8am - 12.30pm

Currency: Kwanza (U.S. Dollars are accepted in many places)

Time Zone: GMT / UTC +1

Electricity: 220/240V 50Hz


You need the vaccine against yellow fever, malaria prevention and be careful in the consumption of water and raw food.
Water has a reasonable quality, but should be boiled, filtered or sterilized.
There are well-equipped hospitals, clinics and pharmacies in all provinces.

How To Get There

International Airport February 4th - Luanda
Port of Luanda, Port of Lobito and Namibe Port
Roads and railways are being recovered.

Passports, Visas and Customs

You need a visa issued by the Consulate of Angola in the country of origin. Upon arrival in Luanda, you can opt for 'green way' if you have nothing to declare, or 'red route' if you bring items subject to fees. Personal items are exempt from customs duties.


Rent-a-car companies available.
'Candogueiros' are the local collective taxis.
Public transport is deficit.


There is Angola Telecom's land network and several mobile networks provide services and products for wireless internet access.
Many hotels also offer wireless and there are several Internet cafes in cities.

Useful Contacts