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Octopus rice with octopus in the oven
  • Octopus rice with octopus in the oven, by chef Elsa Viana. Welcome to Angola
  • Octopus rice with octopus in the oven, by chef Elsa Viana. Welcome to Angola
The recipes and the story behind by Chef Elsa Viana.

- "How many legs has an octopus?"

_ "I do not know, Chef. I never had time to count!"

Thus, in the middle of laughter, began another of my workshops "Basic Cooking".
When i asked what was wrong in my question (the octopus has arms, not legs) and who could distinguish a male from a female, I had to pull my authority to end comments, which one the most facetious. The imagination that young angolans have ... just listening! (... I pretended to be angry, but in fact, i had much more fun than them!)

The creature shows respect. After a brief explanation of its nature (clam), i started orientating the suction cleaning and the removal of mouth and stomach contents. Then I

asked for a large pot to start teaching the dry cooking of the octopus.

When I explained the technique, which involves no water in the pan but just one or two onions
instead, small, medium or large, depending on the size of the octopus, cover and cook on minimum heat, the looks of doubt and dismay that my trainees exchanged between them, worth a poem.
When I assured them that once the onions were cooked octopus was perfectly baked, they start to verbalize the doubts they felt: "this octopus has a trick", "without salt or anything else? let's see ... "

Almost forty five minutes later, the onions Were cooked. The octopus, very rosy, was wonderfully soft, with rather sharp taste. I gave them to eat the onions that had concentrated all the taste of octopus, and were amazed by an explosion of flavor. We remove the octopus from the pan, and divide it in half: half to make the octopus rice and the other half to cook in the oven.

The octopus to make the rice, had the skin taked out and the water released during the cooking process (caldo) reserved. We warmed olive oil with garlic, add tomato, onion, a bay leaf, a cinnamon stick and fried the rice. Then refreshed it with red wine, add the cooking juices kept warm, the rate of two and a half to one (because we want a rice trickster) and let cook for twelve minutes. After this time, add more "caldo" (or hot water, if it is with a very strong flavor) and joined the octopus pieces. After boil, turn off the fire. Should be served immediately, sprinkled with fresh coriander, finely chopped.

The other half of the octopus has it skin taked out too, cuted into larger pieces and massaged with oil. then went to the oven to brown only slightly. While in the oven, put a pint of
olive oil in a pan to heat. Once it start to boil, turned off the fire. We lay in olive oil
twenty cloves of garlic cut into slices and chopped parsley. Once the octopus came out of the

oven, was showered with this flavored blend and served with boiled potatoes. Delicieux!

Although most of them do not like octopus, the result has convinced even the most skeptical!