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Fábrica de Caricaturas
Angola gots talent. Check out Nelson Paim’s Cartoon Factory.
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Angola is blessed by nature, given the diversity of its landscapes: beaches, mountains, rainforests, the Namib Desert, waterfalls, among other natural wonders.

Dunes, Namibe desert, Tigers Bay, Namibe, Foto by Angola Off Road

The fauna and the flora are of enormous wealth. There are more than 8.000 species of plants, 275 mammals, 78 amphibians, 227 of reptiles, 915 birds and over 300 insects.

Imbondeiro is a sacred tree and has inspired poems, rituals and legends. Foto J.A. Marques

African elephant, giant black sable antelope, african lion, leopard, hippo, chimp, rhino, gorilla, antelope, turtle, whale, dolphin, shark, are some of the animals that can be seen in Angola.

Giant black sable antelope (Hippotragus niger, var.) is the most beautiful African antelope.

Reserves, Parks and Forests
Angola already has a wide range of protected areas established in Reserves and National, Regional and Forest Parks.

75 km south of Luanda, in Bengo province, you can visit the National Park of Kissama, and 8km south of Luanda, the Natural Reserve of Birds ‘Ilhéu dos Pássaros’. Also in Bengo, are the Kibinda and Kibaxi-Piri Forest Reserves.

In Malanje, find the Cangandala National Park and Reserve Luando.

In Huila, Bicuar National Park.

In the province of Namibe vist the Iona Park and the Natural Park of Namibe.

In Cunene, find the Mupa Park.

20 km from Benguela, is located in the Regional Park of Cimalavera and 30km to southeast, the Buffalo Reserve.

In the province of Moxico, you can visit the Cameia National Park and several Forest Reserves.

In Cabinda, is located the Kakongo Reserve Forest, the Maiombe Forest and Swamp Lândana, a sanctuary for pelicans and flamingos.

In Bie, discover the Umpulo Forest Reserve and the Luango Natural reserve.

Located in Huambo is the Kavongue Forest Reserve and in the province of Kuando Kubango, find Luiana Partial Reserve and Mavinga Partial Reserve.

Kissama National Park, Photo by Blog do Embondeiro

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In a country with a vast area of coastline, beaches abound. Mussulo Beach, Cabo Ledo, Sangano, Palmeirinhas, Caota, Blue Bay, N'Zeto, Morena, among many others, are places that justify the visit to Angola.

Bue Bay (Baia Azul), Benguela, Photo by Jorge C.

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Water Falls

Do not miss in Malange the Kalangula Falls, Musselenge Cascades and Pedras Negras.

In Bie, discover the Wongo Falls, Mutumbo Falls, Lau Lau Falls and Luando River Falls.

In Cunene, do not miss the Ruacana Falls and Monte Negro Falls.

In Kwanza North, visit the Muembeje River Falls.

In Kuando Kubango are the Maculungungo Falls.

In Zaire are the M'Bdrige River Falls, a magnificent sight.

Kalandula Falls, Malange

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