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My Muxima

My Muxima by Ana Lima | Angolan Jewelry | Fusion between Tradition and Modernity

Ana Lima, is jewelry designer and in each jewel produced includes to the smallest detail the feeling of each moment!

Ana Lima in partnership with Welcome to Angola launches this collection of jewelry in silver, silver plated with gold and crystal keychains with Angolan themed pieces for men and women.

The theme of the collection is the Angolan symbology such as The Thinker, the Welwitchia, the Palanca, the Baobab, Mama Muxima, the Awa, Muxima, the Elephant and the Chicken Angola. Each piece costs 4.800 Kzs (50 usd).

Ana Lima offers this collection online, through our website wwww.welcometoangola.co.ao. You can order via email info@welcometo.co.ao with information of the piece and payment on delivery in Luanda (expenses 5 USD). Soon, the list of places where to buy in Luanda and other provinces.

The public presentation took place at Filda on 24th of July at the Welcome to Angola stand.

My Muxima, Jóias Luanda Ana Lima, Welcome To Angola
Cartão My Muxima, Angolan Jewels. Welcome to Angola!