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Mushrooms, Cataplana, Quails and Ginguba Mousse
  • Recipes by Chef Elsa Viana. Welcome to Angola!
  • Cataplana of the Sea by Chef Elsa Viana. Welcome to Angola!
  • Quails with Chocolat Sauce by Chef Elsa Viana, Welcome to Angola!
  • Ginguba Mousse by Chef Elsa Viana. Welcome to Angola
The recipes and the story behind it by Chef Elsa Viana. (translated by Google)

Six in the morning. I arrive in Lisbon. The excitement of anticipation to reconnect with my husband, daughter and grandchildren, be at home was devastated by the fact that my suitcase had not arrived. It happens. But not all bags that have not come within the delicacies I was supposed to take to provide the BTL (Tourism Fair of Lisbon).
Patience. They told me they came the next flight and arrived. I went to Lisbon International Fair, look for the corner of Welcome to Angola. The fair was thrilled as always, with domestic and foreign exhibitors. There are always new, of course. Between talking of Angola, the undeniable development, tourism booming, show the potential and to taste the delicacies, the five days flew. The Kilandu Kilu gave the air of grace, enriching the stand of Angola.
I stayed another week to in my home, with my plant , reconnect with friends...and cooking.
Both I and my husband love to host. We agree that it is much more friendly and intimate lounge with friends at home than go to a restaurant. Each dinner is always different. It is always magical!
There was not much time to plan (one of the couples would go the next day) and did not want to kill myself to work. I decided to make a Mushroom Consommé ( nothing better than a warm broth to make us forget the cold that is felt on the street ) one Cataplana with fish and seafood accompanied by wild rice and merge the meat dish with a jelly roses and a kiss vodka to clean the palate . As one of my guests German only eat game meat , I decided to make Quail with Chocolate Sauce and Spinach Mashed . How sweet a mousse Ginguba .
It was great ! Having as background sound Angolan instrumental music , chatted up enough, if drank too much and laughed even more .
Here are my recipes : hope you like it as much as my guests ... See you soon !

Mushroom Consommé
Washed well 60grs of dried mushrooms (I like trumpets of death and porcinni ) and placed in warm water to rehydrate for 15 minutes. Took fire , waited boil and let rest. When it was warm, I removed the mushrooms with a slotted spoon and booked. I spent the broth through a fine cloth (may have sand) and mix with 1 liter of vegetable broth or beef. Checked salt.

In a heavy saucepan, put the onion in butter for browning. 50grs of bacon cut into small pieces, sauté quickly with the onion. Refreshed with 100ml of white wine ( preferably fresh ). I like to use white port, but you can use any ripe white wine. Hoped evaporate and joined the broth and three beaten egg whites, stirring vigorously. ( All impurities are going to add clear : try - it looks like magic ). Using a kitchen towel over a strainer for filtering the broth.
Must be completely transparent.

Let stand for a few minutes, covered. I served in teacups, sprinkled with chopped mushrooms and chives. Serve with a slice of toasted bread in the oven, spread with butter and parmesan cheese, which will melt and form a gold layer. Sprinkle with ground pepper in front of the guests. Hmmm ! Wonder.

Cataplana of the Sea
Bought monkfish 250gsm, 250gsm streak, 250 g prawns, clams 250gsm, 250gsm canivetes, 250gsm mussel, 1 shoemaker, 1 small octopus. Asked me to cut off 8 slices of grouper.
I put the octopus to cook an onion. While the clams and knives were the sands discharge air, cleaned the beards of mussels. Hit 2 cloves of garlic with salt and ginger. I seasoned the fish, adding lime juice. Booked. Prawns cooked in boiling water and salt for 5 minutes. Took out the water and kept it. After cooling, peeled them, keeping the head and tails. In salted water to boil, cooked crabs for 10 minutes. Took out the water of the clams and opened them to steam ( 3 minutes). I did the same with canivetess and mussels ( all bivalves are ready to open soon. Discard those staying closed ). I kept the respective liquids.

However, the octopus had already cooked. Let cool in the cooking liquid and cut to pieces.
In a deep skillet, put the fish in a baking spice + 1 cup of hot broth. Let boil and removed carefully not to break. I put the streak and let it boil again. Keep it.
I put the wild rice to cook, following the package directions.
In a thick bottomed pan did a pull with tomato and onion in olive oil. I hit my magic wand and joined ketchup to taste and ½ cup white cinzano. Added the broth of clams ( strained ) and fish. Rectifiquei seasonings, joined a pack of cream and let reduce slightly.
I put boiling water into the cataplana and left for 5 minutes to warm up.
I removed the water and poured the hot sauce. Let it boil and place the fish fillets, streak, octopus and clams. I removed and decked with chopped coriander. Can substitute parsley if you prefer.
Rice ready , I added two good spoonfuls of coconut milk , Mexican and serve immediately.

Quails on Chocolate Sauce
I bought the plucked and cleaned quail. I washed them in water and lemon and laced their legs. I seasoned them with salt, garlic, peppercorns, cinnamon. I covered it and put in the fridge ( can be done the day before ).
I made a mashed potato and joined her a spinach puree. I seasoned with salt and nutmeg. Keep it.
In a deep pan , lay ½ pint of port wine. I gathered the quails and let boil for 10 minutes. Removed, greased it with butter and put in the oven for another 15 minutes. Coel the port wine and let reduce.
I put a bar of chocolate culinary melting, with the fat of quails. Joined reduced port wine. Serve on the quails, adorned with chilli peppers diced. A success !

Ginguba Mousse
I bought a can of condensed milk cooked and placed in a water bath to warm for 30 minutes.
Meanwhile, beat four eggs, yolks and whites separately.
Put 250gsm ginguba of ( Peanuts ) in a blender and hit. Keep it.
With the help of a kitchen towel, I opened the can and a glass bowl joined the yolks to the hot condensed milk. Joined the ginguba. I added 1 package of cream and egg whites slight movements . Serve, decked with bruised foot brat and put in the fridge until time to serve.