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Kissama - Kwanza River Safari
Kissama - Kwanza River Safari
A photographic safari through the beauty of Angola.
It is one of the assets of Angola. The Angolan music, whether traditional (Semba and Rebita) or modern (Kuduro, Kizomba, Zouk), today has great international projection. The traditional musical instruments like the Batuque, the Marimba and Kissange are icons of their culture.


Also traditional dances stand out for their rhythm and in each generation, creativity adds them new rhythms and variations.

   Nhaneca Humbi, Hoque dance group

It is the Carnival that combines music, dance and tradition.

Carnival, Luanda, 2013

In Literature, Angola can boast being the homeland of major authors. The first Angolan president, Agostinho Neto, was a poet; Pepetela and José Eduardo Agualusa are some of the best known Angolan authors.

Pepetela, Camões Literature Prize, 1997 © Carol Reis

José Eduardo Agualusa, 2013

Also Angolan cuisine is rich and varied, with influences of Portuguese gastronomy and cooking methods of Mozambique. Currently, Angolan cuisine mixes flavors from Portugal, Brazil and some African countries. The most famous dishes are the Chicken Muamba, Kibeba and Ponde. The palm oil is always present in Angolan gastronomy.


Also on crafts, Angola has much to offer. Materials like black wood, rose wood, ash wood ash, or pangapanga, clay, palm fiber, bronze, bone and ivory are the most used in Angolan handicraft.

Note: If you want to carry Angolan craft out of the country, you should acquire the stamp of the Ministry of Culture and put it in the pieces.