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Benguela Sea Fry and Kissangua
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After some shenanigans, finally I came to my Benguela. The Acacias, vain as always, are beautiful! The city, surprised me by the clean look and the visible effort to retake its place on the agloan tourist itinerary.

It was time to visit relatives and friends ... I got to my aunt's house all soaked up by the heat and was welcomed with a wonderful fresh glass of Kissangua (an angolan traditional drink): nothing better to kill my thirst.
... and it's simple to do: in a large saucepan, put 5 gallons of water. When it starts to boil, add 1 kg of corn fuba. Boil for approximately 1 hour to cook the corn fuba well and reduce the volume. Add sugar to taste. Let it cool to settle down. Put the Kissangua into a carboy and put it in the sun to ferment. Depending on the alcoholic degree who want, you can keep 2 to 5 days in the fermentation process, which is ongoing. Only stops if the drink is put in the refrigerator, and even then the Kissangua lifetime is very short.

-"Have you ever been to the Baía Azul?"
-"No, but of course I want to go!"

Ah, that wonderful water, clean and warm. I was soaking up a half an hour... until I was called for lunch. So much tasty things: Baía Farta crabs, shrimps, clams, grilled groupers... all fresh: I was delighted!

In return, I bought fish and shellfish from the Stº António bay fishermen and decided to make this Benguela Sea Fry.
Little groupers, or slices of sea bass, cuttlefish, shrimps (open by the back, seasoned with a mositure of salt, garlic and lemon). Cockles and mussels previously opened and saved in their own liquid. Half-lobster with shell, lightly cooked. Pass it all in flour and reserve it in the cold. Slices of boiled cassava, tomato and onion cutted to half of an half, a head of unpeeled garlic, cutted in half.

Put some olive oil and a tablespoon of butter in a large frying pan. First fry the cassava. Put the garlic, the onion and tomato at the same time. Reserve in a warm place. First fry the cuttlefish, then the lobster, then the fish and at last the other seafood. Reserve it. Assemble the dish, adding a little green salad.

If you want more sauce, add another spoon of butter to the pan and the liquid from the seafood with shell. Let it simmer together with the seasoning. Pamper yourself! And you can lick your fingers that no one's watching!

Elsa Viana