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Angola Business Week
  • angola business week, welcome to angola
  • angola business week, welcome to angola
  • angola business week, welcome to angola
Events: Angola Business week

Date: 23rd, 24er e 25th, April

Local:  Fortress of S. Miguel – Luanda

“Diversification of the Economy”

Welcome to Angola is promoting ,  a networking fair, aimed at being a true “business sitdown”, in the traditional angolan way.
Given the current juncture, demanding alternative solutions and measures, the WELCOME ANGOLA BUSINESS WEEK, addressing the theme “Diversification of the Economy” aims to contribute to dissipate fears, exchange experiences, develop partnerships.
During 3 days, businessmen from Portugal, Brasil, PALOP and countries in commercila retations with Angola, may, in a relaxed environment, get to know eachother and listen to statements and opinions from top figures of the country's economies.
Invited entities:
  • Ministers of Economy, from the Industry and Commerce of Angola
  • President of ANIP – National Agency for Private InvertmentPresidents from Business Associations and from the Industry Association of Angola
  • Economists and specialists in business partnerships from the represented countries
Media Partners for this event, the weekly EXPRESSO and EXECUTIVO magazine.
Welcome to Angola invites all interested to make their registration and to gather information from our administrative office:

African countries should not work isolated, in order to find secure and common solutions, for the development of the continent. The opportunities for investment in the private sector are many…”
Maria Luísa Abrantes, president of ANIP
The macroeconomic foundations of the Republic of Angola are solid and under control”

José Pedro de Morais, new governor of BNA
The economic performance of Angola will launch the country to the top of the list of the greatest economies in the world and the first in Africa”

Jim Rogers, financial analyst and international investor from the USA
My message to our countrymen, and even for foreigners, is that we will transform this difficulty into the greatest opportunity Angola has ever had and we will grab it with both hands”

Francisco Viana, president of the Business Association of Luanda
The sectors not related to oil and the agriculture businesses are the ones that may propel, not only food safety, but also the industry”

Agostinho Kapaia, President of CEEIA

15 of April “Special Angola Business Week” in Executivo magazine
 reserve your presence in this special edition”
Entities/companies that wish to participate, may ask for a personalized offer that will be sent immediately.
We highlight the editorial option that may be developed with the entities/companies present in this edition, that may also include an interview.
Pedro Vaz dos Santos
Well, i think this is going to be a very important meeting as well as useful to those who`ll be part of it, all of us who are directly or indirectly concerned with the current business issues which we are crossing right now..all the and am looking forwrd to get the whole feedback or new regarding to the meetings..thank you!