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PROVINCE Angola / Mussulo


Mussulo is a peninsula where you can go by car (Jeep) during low tide, most common being access by boat. The golden sandy beaches are its postal card.

Its visitors can enjoy desert or more animated areas; the island has accommodation, bars, outdoor activities and water sports.

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Mussulo is a sandbar about 30km long formed by sediment from the river Kwanza, on the coast south of Luanda, Angola.

The peninsula is home to the Mussulo Bay which houses three islands within it, being the Padres Island the largest and best known.

Ideal place for rest and relaxation, the beautiful beaches are inundated by Mussulo shade of coconut trees and mostly equipped with tourist facilities and lots of leisure possibilities.

The calm waters of the bay favors the practice of water sports: diving, windsurfing, snorkeling, water skiing, etc.

Across the peninsula, facing the Atlantic Ocean, there is a huge white sand beach, almost deserted. It's called counter-shore, where the sun set on the dunes is a must!

To reach Mussulo, you can catch the boat at the pier next to the Museum of Slavery.